Please note the SAMM and WinSAMM softwares were discontinued after 15 years of operation.

In April 2009 MCDI released their successor, the SECURITHOR software.

Support is not available anymore for SAMM or WinSAMM. You should contact MCDI Staff at to know more about migration options to SECURITHOR.
MCDI retains the ability to convert SAMM or WinSAMM account database to SECURITHOR V2.

Both SAMM and WinSAMM are made for Operating systems that are not supported anymore by Microsoft.
As such it is dangerous to operate given the vulnerability of Windows XP to viruses, trojan horses and spywares.

SAMM and WinSAMM are not compatbile with Windows 7,8 or 10 .

License keys are still available and free for all SAMM, WinSAMM license holders.
Contact MCDI by email with identification of your license.
No license key available over the phone.